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Last Update April 3, 2024
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About This Course

Financial training provides the people across different functions the ability to think in terms of the financial aspects of their work. It allows them to improve their processes over time in such a way that it reduces costs and improves efficiency.

The Finance specialization provides a great introduction to corporate finance and helps you explore a wide range of applications in the field. With adequate training and introducing you to the most important financing standards, we will help you build a career in the field.


11 Lessons30h

Basics of Finance

Live Session 1 –00:00
Live Session 2 –00:00

Budgets, Savings & Reducing Expenses

Grow your Income – Make money doing what you Love

Credit Cards – How to Master Using Credit Cards

Loans, Debt, Debt Reduction

Investing 101

Retirement Basics

Early Retirement Plan & Financial Freedom

Real Estate, Mortgages, and other Big ticket purchases

Taxes: How Taxes Work

Build a thriving financial environment for you and your loved ones

Being smart about your money

Psychology and Money


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